Mini or Maxi Lift? Which Facelift Is Best For You?


Fashion styles may change, and facelift trends can change, but one thing remains constant for both – you want to look your best and you want to look natural.

So which type of facelift is best for you? If you have been noticing that sagging, tired and jowly look, or you have a developing turkey wattle that you are always trying to cover up, you may be ready for a face or neck lift.

There are dozens of ways to do a facelift today, so let’s try to make your choice as simple as possible to make. First of all, a “mini” lift can refer to a number of techniques that describe a shorter incision, usually just in front of the ear rather than into the hairline behind the ear. This approach can address lax skin along the jaw line primarily, and usually has a lesser effect on the neck or cheek. Most of these techniques use smaller areas of dissection in front of the ear, and can result in less bruising and swelling, especially in the neck. Some of them rely primarily on sutures, rather than dissection, to lift the deeper tissues of the face. They can be the preferential treatments for those wishing earlier intervention in their mid-40s, before they are starting to age too much, or those with only localized concerns in the lower face and neck. Depending upon which surgeon you consult, they may or may not be as effective or long-lasting as “maxi lifts.”

Once again, maxi lifts refer to a number of different techniques. Usually they have in common a longer incision into the hairline behind the ear, wider or deeper tissue dissection, and often some form of surgical treatment of the neck. Bruising and swelling may be, but are not always, greater than with the mini lifts. The neck, where liposuctioning of fat and tightening up the lax muscles that cause “banding” or “cording” is carried out, is most often the area where bruising lasts the longest. This is simply because of the effects of gravity. These procedures may take a little longer to perform, but many believe it is worth the effort for the overall better and longer-lasting result.

As in many things in life, there is no “right” answer, but there is likely the best answer for you and your concerns. So speak with your surgeon and be very clear about your concerns and your goals. He or she will then explain your options so you can choose the most “mini” procedure that will get you the “maxi” result you wish.

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  1. Ashley Maxwell

    My sister and I are looking into getting a facelift; thanks for your advice. Thanks for your comment about how a facelift can help you look less tired. I also like how you said that it can remove wrinkles.


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