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I am pleased to share our first blog post. I will be answering common questions regarding cosmetic facial surgery, as well as other insights from a thirty-year career practicing and teaching in Toronto. To start, we will be publishing once a week. Sign-up for our newsletter or join us on Facebook or Google+ to receive publication notices, information about our practice including specials, and my travel schedule. We hope you enjoy reading and we invite your comments on what you discover here.

What is the Best Facelift Technique?

With so many types of facelift described today, it can be very confusing for patients in Yorkville and the Toronto area to select the ideal one for them. In fact, it can also be difficult sometimes for surgeons to become experienced in a large number of disparate techniques. As someone who has been performing, researching and teaching face and neck lifting throughout my career, one constant goal is to “keep it simple, surgeon.” The simpler and the more consistent the technique, the more likely you can get constant, reproducible, safe, and natural results.

Over the years this has led to our development of The Progressive Facelift™, a technique which we have published and taught all over the world. Essentially, our approach allows us to tailor our surgical technique to the specific needs of each patient, doing less or more in a graduated fashion, as the situation requires.

We begin with the same surgical incisions that are used for a “mini” lift, but if necessary can extend them so that we can perform a larger lift in the face or neck. Next comes our dissection under the skin. By shortening the length, we can decrease bruising and any tendency to a “pulled” look. If we wish a greater degree of face or neck lift, we next carry out our dissection under the deeper tissues that are sagging – the fascia, muscle and fat pads. This also increases the lift of the cheek region and helps tighten the sagging neck muscles. If our patient has significant sagging of neck fat or muscle, it is addressed through direct approach beneath the chin.

An analogy of our technique is the concept of going for a drive in your car. Once we are in the car, we can go 10 or 20 or 30 miles. We follow the same route but just go a little further with our surgical dissection to reach our desired destination for improved appearance.

Thank you for your interest and have a great week!

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