Volbella™ – a new and improved filler lip augmentation

Allergan Canada has just introduced a brand-new hyaluronic acid (HA) for lip augmentation – Volbella™. Dr. Adamson was in the first group of physicians and surgeons to be given the product after successful clinical studies were completed.
Volbella Lip Filler
This new filler for lip augmentation is special, and represents a real advance, as it consists of a higher concentration of lower molecular weight hyaluronic acid combined with the higher molecular weight hyaluronic acid of other products to provide more efficient cross-linking. This has resulted in a product which has a longer duration and because of its greater thickness or viscosity gives a better lift to the lips. Adamson MD Associates are able to offer a special time-limited introductory package of Volbella™ and Botox – please call Maria or Joanne at 416-323-3900 or paa@dradamson.com for more details.

Filled In: What Are Dermal Fillers? Fillers are injections that restore volume to the curves of the face and smooth out wrinkles. They’re becoming more and more popular. Some people call them the “liquid face-lift” because they can take years off an aging face for much less than the cost of surgery.
Temporary fillers (such as Juvéderm and Restylane) are made from hyaluronic acid (HA), a substance found naturally in the skin. Typically fillers last from nine to twelve months. HA fillers (or HAs) come in different grades or viscosities that range from thinner to thicker:

• Thinner (finer) grades are used for the most superficial wrinkles, such as crow’s feet, “smoker’s lines” in the lips, and fine cheek or forehead creases.

• Medium grades are used for cheek-lip furrows caused by a sagging cheek, cheek-mouth lines (sometimes called “sad” or “marionette” lines), and other moderate facial furrows.

• Thicker (heavier) grades are used for very deep furrows or for volume filling. With aging, the facial skin droops due to loss of elastic tone and gravity. It also loses volume (which is known as “deflation”). You can see this in the loss of cheek prominence, the hollow under the eyes (called a “tear trough”), and in the depression in front of the jaw. These areas can often be dramatically improved by injecting higher volumes of filler to replace the natural loss of tissue volume. Excellent long-term results can be achieved, with most patients maintaining these corrections for one to two years (or more).

As with all fillers, the challenge is to place the right amount smoothly in the correct skin layer to achieve a natural look. With most cosmetic medical treatments, the product is only part of what determines the final result. It’s important to seek out a physician with the experience and “artistic” skill to ensure that your results look natural and simply enhance your beauty.

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