Why Patients Select Their Hospitals and Clinics

McKinsey and Company, the international consulting firm, has done a research study on how patients select the hospitals they want to go to. There were some interesting findings.

You might think that the hospital’s clinical reputation, proximity to the patient and their doctor’s advice would be most important. However, the study showed most patients would switch hospitals for better services or amenities. In fact, the most important factor in consideration, with 41% of patients listing it first, was the non-clinical experience. At about 20% each as the primary reason for their choice was the hospital’s reputation, its location, and the physician’s recommendation.patient and doctor at hospital

The study further looked into what mattered the most to patients – the top two considerations were the hospital keeping them informed – really, patient education – and keeping appointments within 30 minutes of their schedule. And even though these were the two most important factors, keeping patients informed was three times more important than being on time.

There were a number of other factors that might induce a patient to switch hospitals. These included room decoration, ease of scheduling appointments, discounts, simplicity of registration, a supportive environment for family, convenient access and comfort in the reception areas.

Although this study was directed at hospitals, it is also instructive for those of us providing elective medical services to people who like to be treated well. We would like to think that at Adamson Cosmetic Facial Surgery we are meeting, indeed exceeding, most of these patient desires and requests. Our constant commitment to providing exceptional surgical and nonsurgical results utilizing the best techniques and products available is combined with our experienced and very caring staff. We always put our patients’ needs first to provide them a unique treatment plan that delivers the desired objective goals and feelings of satisfaction. And, we educate our patients assiduously about the pros, cons and expectations of their proposed treatment plan. We always welcome family members who can support our patients through their treatment.

Indeed, we do struggle at times to keep on schedule. However, we are always aware of trying to balance the “here and now” needs of our patients with the scheduling of their visit and other patients yet to be seen.

If you feel there is some way that your doctor may be able to improve your visit experience, let them know! Most of us really do want to do our very best for you.

Thanks for reading our blog, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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