Should I Have a Rhinoplasty?

Should I Have a RhinoplastyRhinoplasty, or nose re-shaping, is the commonest aesthetic surgical procedure of the face. There are many reasons for this.

Studies show that each of us is always scanning other people’s faces – we can scan seven faces a second, and initially we see a pattern which instantaneously tells us if we recognize that person or not. If the pattern looks “natural” and “harmonious” then we rapidly note the eyes, mouth and hair in order. This occurs if the nose blends with the overall face, but if it doesn’t, then unfortunately the observing eye first is distracted by the nose before it carries on to view the remaining facial components. And so an unattractive, unbalanced nose detracts from one’s overall appearance.

We also know that most, but not all, people who are unhappy with their nose first became displeased with it during puberty or early adulthood. This is when our relationships with the opposite sex begin, and many people with unattractive noses feel they are put at a disadvantage socially. We also know that, of course, such people do not need a rhinoplasty, but if they don’t have it they will be unhappy with their nose all their life. In other words, it is not something you “grow out of.” For others, it may be a trauma in adulthood or aging of the nose causing the bump and droopy tip that causes them to seek rhinoplasty.

The ultimate goal of any facial surgery is to improve quality of life. If your having a nose that looks more natural and appropriate for your face would make you feel less self-conscious, less anxious and more confident about your facial appearance, then you may be a good candidate. You should also have realistic goals – rhinoplasty is about improvement, not perfection. It makes your nose a better nose, unique for you.

But the result cannot be “chosen” from a Photoshopped image or made in the form of an idealized celebrity. You must be willing to undergo a surgical procedure with real, if not relatively small, risks and have patience during the healing period. The goal is to create a nose that looks natural and not operated upon. We say, “A good rhinoplasty result is seen in the eyes,” as observers look past your new nose to communicate with you through your most attractive feature, the “portal of entry to your soul.”

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