Too young for rhinoplasty? Why Adolescence is the Right Time

Many young girls, and boys, begin to dislike their new adult nose as they begin to grow in their early teens. This is a time of rapid change physically, emotionally and socially. Any facial feature which is perceived as unattractive, either because it is too large, has a bump, is crooked, or resembles a family nose, becomes a focus of concern and unhappiness. This is especially important if peers begin to make fun of the nose or in any way make the young person feel outside the normal range or unattractive.

Too Young for Rhinoplasty?An adolescent seeking rhinoplasty usually knows exactly what they dislike and are very accepting of their new nose once it is corrected. They are already in a period of time incorporating many other body changes as well, and within a few short weeks there is usually a great sense of comfort, loss of anxiety in social situations and they can “just forget about it”. Adolescents then focus on other things in their life, especially their peer interactions, in a much more favorable frame of mind. They perceive their new nose as more attractive, more desirable, especially to the opposite sex, and helps them feel their outer appearance is reflecting their spirit.

If someone dislikes his or her nose when they’re young, he or she will dislike it to the day he or she dies. It doesn’t mean that he or she has to have rhinoplasty, but he or she won’t grow out of it. And that’s why we see ourselves doing rhinoplasties even on fifty-, sixty-, and seventy-year-olds.

Rhinoplasty can make your nose smaller and narrower (or bigger and wider, for that matter). It can make a crooked nose straighter. It can remove bumps, reshape the tip, and change the angle between the nose and the upper lip. If you’ve ever broken your nose, if it has collided with a door, a hockey stick, or anything else, you may have problems breathing through it. Rhinoplasty can correct that too. In short, a nose job can work wonders.

Any adolescent who is really struggling to accept their nose should consider a consultation for rhinoplasty once their physical growth is complete and they feel psychologically mature enough to make this life altering decision.

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