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Toronto’s very own Dr. Adamson has been invited to participate in the 5th annual meeting of the International Meeting of Rhinoplasty Societies as a member of the faculty. From the IMRHIS:

The International Meeting of Rhinoplasty Societies has been organized by the Rhinoplasty Society (US) and the Rhinoplasty Society Of Europe. This symposium promises be the most extraordinary educational rhinoplasty symposium that our field has witnessed, highlighting the work of 50 master rhinoplasty surgeons from all parts of the world – those whose published works have defined the specialty.

The meeting will differentiate itself from all others by its breadth, pre-eminent faculty, and by the emphasis on high-quality video and graphic illustration. The program will be carefully orchestrated, designed to present “the best of the best” educational offerings.

Dr. Adamson is one of the 50 master rhinoplasty surgeons invited to share his knowledge and expertise, and the only Canadian. The meeting will take place September 8-10 in Paris, France.

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