Toronto Facial Cosmetic Surgeon, International Scholar

A study by Toronto Facial Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Peter A. Adamson and colleagues has been attracting quite a bit of attention from the international media. Reports have appeared in Australian, British and American newspapers and blogs. And most recently, Dr. Adamson gave an interview on HuffPost Live to discuss the study’s findings and the attention the study has drawn.

In an ongoing investigation of the benefits of cosmetic facial surgery, University of Toronto professor Dr. Adamson and his colleagues have released two studies with plans for a third already in the works. In their first study, the findings indicated that cosmetic facial procedures like a facelift reduced perceived age by 7 years. The most recent study indicated a reduction of 3 years of perceived age.

Dr. Adamson is an internationally renowned researcher and lecturer. He has written 62 peer-reviewed articles for medical journals, 2 abstracts, 29 non-refereed articles, 2 books, and 35 book chapters for major American and international publications. He has edited three journals and 35 journal articles in addition to producing 24 teaching videos sold by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery to surgeons all over the world.

Here is Dr. Adamson discussing the results of his latest study during a recent HuffPost Live broadcast.

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