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Enjoy more confidence and self-esteem with cosmetic ear surgery.

Otoplasty (Ear Surgery)

To correct protruding ears and other deformities and create the most natural look possible. Having symmetrical ears can give the face just the right amount of balance to make your entire appearance more refined and harmonious.

Incisions are made behind the ears and excess skin and soft tissue is trimmed away. Stitches are placed in the cartilage to create folds that were not originally there. If needed, small adjustments to the helix or lobe are made to yield the best results.

Sets protruding ears closer to the head for a more attractive look and correct misshapen, uneven, large or floppy ears.

Allows patients to wear hair short or pulled up and restores their confidence.

Chance of thickened scars is more common in Black or Asian patients.

Loss of correction, especially if the ears are traumatized before completely healing.

Absolute symmetry is rarely achievable, especially since there is usually some preoperative asymmetry.

Whether one or both ears require correction.

Age. (Ear cartilage must be fully formed and firm – which usually happens by age 5 – for surgery to take place.)

The level of concern for both children and parents.

Otoplasty takes approximately 2 hours and can be performed at The Cumberland Clinic™ under twilight or general anaesthetic.

Discharged the same day, adults and children must wear a turban-like dressing the first day after surgery. Once the turban is removed, an exercise headband is worn while sleeping for another 2 weeks.

Adults can resume normal activities within 1 day of surgery. Children can return to school after 1 week. Both should avoid strenuous activities for 3 weeks, as well as contact sports for 6 weeks.

If you’d like to learn more about otoplasty, please watch our educational video in the tab below. You can also learn more about otoplasty lift from the Canadian Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Adamson is a member and has been president of the medical society.

If you feel that you would like to speak with Dr. Adamson personally about your options, please request a consultation or contact us with your question.

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Before and After Photo Policy

We do not post an online gallery to ensure patient confidentiality. We are more than pleased to share pre- and post-operative photos in the office during your consultation so we can specifically relate these to your expected results.