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Wrinkle Reduction

To modulate the action of facial muscles to diminish wrinkles and rejuvenate certain signs of aging.

A neuromodulator (there are several available in Canada, with Botox® Cosmetic being the best known) is injected into specific areas of the face to pharmacologically sculpt dynamic muscle action. The goal is to soften muscle action and decrease wrinkles, creating a totally natural, more youthful and relaxed look.

A neuromodulator injection is very effective in improving the following signs of aging, creating a more relaxed, youthful and happy appearance:

Decrease furrows between the eyes to take away the worried, “what’s the matter?” look. It can also actually make you feel better!

Elevate the sagging outer corner of the eyebrow to open up the eye.

Improve eyebrow asymmetry.

Diminish forehead furrows.

Smooth out crows’ feet.

Elevate the sagging corners of the mouth.

Diminish upper lip wrinkles.

Decrease dimpling in the chin.

Decrease a gummy smile.

Decrease vertical bands or cords in the neck.

Decrease the square jaw look caused by a large cheek muscle.

Elevate the jawline in certain cases.

Improve facial symmetry in cases of facial paralysis.

Improve specific dynamic muscle actions or wrinkles.

We work with you to select injection sites and dosages to achieve the ideal desired result.

Mild bruising or swelling can occur with any injection. If the neuromodulator spreads outside its intended area of activity, it can cause unwanted effects, such as a droopy eyelid. This always resolves, usually within weeks, and occurs in much less than 1 per cent of patients.

It is important not to use too much neuromodulator and cause a frozen look.

Allergy reactions are extremely rare – about 1 in 10,000.

Rarely a headache can occur following injection. This resolves.

Patients with neurological or muscular disorders, or pregnant women, may not be candidates.

The areas where treatment is desired.

The degree of correction required (we start with a small dose and work up if necessary, so always to achieve a natural, non-injected, look).

Other treatments such as facial fillers or rejuvenation surgery that are being considered.

When neuromodulators are combined with fillers, the duration of the filler can be extended.

Neuromodulator injections usually take 5-15 minutes to perform.

A cool compress employed immediately can prevent bruising.

No exercise for four hours is recommended – other normal activities can be resumed immediately.

The effect of the injection takes effect in 3-5 days, and lasts about three to four months on average. Wrinkles will smoothen out over several weeks.

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