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Specializing in youth rhinoplasty: creating facial harmony in teenagers & young adults.

Youth Rhinoplasty

To improve the cosmetic appearance of the teen-age or young adult nose such that facial harmony is created and the face reflects your inner spirit.

Youth rhinoplasty is very similar to primary rhinoplasty surgically but there are special considerations in determining when the procedure should be done (see the “Special Considerations” tab).

A nose that does not fit your face can be a cause for major psychological and social distress in a pubertal teen or young adult. Many young women with “Daddy’s nose” or other masculine nasal features can suffer from significant anxiety about their self-image. This can negatively impact one’s self-esteem. Youth rhinoplasty can create a more balanced facial appearance with a nose that blends in to other facial features and highlights other feminine, or masculine, features.

Young people have recently undergone significant changes in appearance associated with normal development, and therefore incorporate their new nose into their body image very quickly (within weeks) and easily. Anxiety is decreased and self-esteem is improved.

There is very little, if any, pain and usually only 12-14 days of time away from social activities. You are up and about the day after surgery.

The surgical results will last a lifetime. Dr. Adamson not only improves the nose aesthetically, but also strengthens it where necessary to build “a nose for life”.

By creating a natural-looking nose, no one except those you tell will likely even know you had a rhinoplasty. You just look like a better you.

It is important you know specifically what you would like to have improved about your nose, and can communicate this clearly so that the best result can be achieved.

No surgery should be undertaken lightly, so it is very important to be sure you have thought about rhinoplasty enough to be sure it is what you want to do.

As a teen or young adult you may need your parent’s blessing to have the procedure performed. They may or may not be understanding. Dr. Adamson and his staff are pleased to explain all of the pros and cons to them so that, together, you can make the best decision for you.

Improvement, not perfection, needs to be accepted, so courage and a degree of realism are necessary on your part.

Even in the best surgical hands and with a good patient, a small percentage of patients may require a revision, and you must be prepared for this possibility in making your decision. Not every nose can be made “perfect”.

You must have completed your growth before proceeding to rhinoplasty. For young women, this is usually about one year after their menarche or first menstrual period. Another way to measure is that there has been very little, if any, growth in height in the previous year.

Another consideration is the level of your maturity. Some teens can be quite focused, responsible, stable and mature at a young age, whereas others may take longer to reach this state.

It is always an easier decision to proceed if you have been unhappy with your nose for an extended period of time, rather than just recently.

For dependent teens or young adults, parental opinion and influence must be accommodated in deciding whether and when to proceed.

Some young women can be good candidates as young as 15 or 16 years of age, whereas young men are usually one or two years older due to their later growth spurt. Occasionally, the procedure can be done at a younger age if all the appropriate criteria are met.

Youth rhinoplasty takes two or three hours usually. You can go home the same day and are up and about the next day.

Good friends or family can be seen right away for socializing, but about two weeks are necessary for most of the bruising and swelling to settle and the nose to appear normal enough that it does not look operated upon.

Full aerobic activities at three weeks and contact sports at six weeks.

The last little bit of tip refinement can take up to several months or a year, depending on the skin texture and thickness.

If you’d like to learn more about rhinoplasty, please watch our educational video. You can also learn more about rhinoplasty from the Canadian Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Adamson is a member and has been president of the medical society.

If you feel that you would like to speak with Dr. Adamson personally about your rhinoplasty options, please request a consultation or contact us with your question.

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