I would recommend Dr. Adamson and his entire team wholeheartedly

I spent countless years debating whether or not to go for rhinoplasty, and one of the nagging concerns that I had was that if I did it, whether it was going to look natural or not. I wanted to make sure that I went with a doctor who wasn’t going to change my whole face with one fell swoop; and since the nose is right in the centre of the face, the pressure felt high.  The moment I stepped into Dr. Adamson’s office I felt immediately comfortable that this was a capable and intelligent surgeon. He is conscientious and listened to all my concerns; I wanted to reduce the length of the nose (from profile it stood out more than looking straight on) and smooth the cartilage tip which had a little bump but I didn’t want to change the nostril size or too much else. I wanted some of my old nose still with me, just better! This is exactly what he delivered, and I couldn’t be more grateful. The healing time was so much faster than I expected, post op I didn’t show obvious signs of anything after 3 weeks. Today I feel like the nose that I have now is the nose I’ve always had, it frames my face more effectively and surprisingly, more people look into my eyes more often! Seems silly, but I honestly think that most of the time the nose was the distraction. The change was subtle and elegant, and my only regret is that I didn’t go see him sooner! I would recommend Dr Adamson and his entire team wholeheartedly.

5 stars  September 22, 2016

from a review of Dr. Adamson on ratemds.com

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