The Unique Care Experience™

Making the decision to undergo cosmetic facial surgery isn’t simply about recapturing the beauty of one’s past. It’s about facing the future unencumbered by personal insecurities about appearance. By emphasizing The Unique Care Experience™, which focuses exclusively on each patient’s needs, Dr. Adamson has created a truly unique treatment approach and environment in which thousands of people have found the competency, caring and options required to renew their self-esteem and face the world with confidence.

As Dr. Adamson says, “To provide our patients with unparalleled care, they must receive the best that each of our staff has to offer.” To achieve this, The Unique Care Experience™ promotes the creative utilization of each staff associates’ unique skills and actively involves them in establishing goals and accepting responsibility for their own development. It also encourages a team approach to embracing innovation and continuously improving the experience offered to patients.

As part of The Unique Care Experience™, Dr. Adamson’s patients will experience The Cumberland Clinic™, which is fully equipped for the latest cosmetic facial surgery procedures. Featuring a staff in which all members – including anaesthesiologists – are certified in their specialty by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, The Cumberland Clinic™ provides both twilight and general anaesthesia services, a recovery room including three beds, The Overnight Package™ for those having longer procedures or out-of-town patients, as well as the highest level of care and patient satisfaction.

From beginning to end, The Unique Care Experience™ creates a caring, trust-inspiring atmosphere and value-rich experience that enhances the lives of patients and clients, offering them every opportunity possible for personal growth through improved appearance.